The origin of magic in the Arabic language is to divert something from its origin and reality, and one of the greatest evils that can befall a person is magic.

There are people among us with extremely sick souls, who are fully prepared to sacrifice the most precious things to see those they hate in suffering that never ends, and if it ends, it ends with them.

It is literally very terrifying, but our true religion does not leave us suffering from such matters without instructions and fortifications, but we always neglect what we have been commanded to do, to suffer the most severe types of self-remorse.

A story of magic and an alliance with the devil:

First of all it’s a true horror story…

In one country there was a family in the first years of marriage. The couple was extremely happy. God Almighty blessed them with a seven-year-old girl. Her mother was teaching her to pray. After performing the evening prayer, the child got up and went to her father while her mother continued reciting the Qur’an and praying for the good things of the world. And in the afterlife, she would be surprised by a treacherous hand placed over her mouth and a sharp knife on her neck, slaughtering her in cold blood until she took her last breath.

Her husband had come to her screams to find her lying dead, with blood pouring from her neck like a slaughter. As for her seven-year-old daughter, she saw with great sadness her mother leaving her in the most horrific sight ever.

Her husband carried her in his hands and did not know what to do. With the help of the family, all the documents required for the burial were extracted. After two years, during which the husband’s path became distorted, he abandoned his prayers and the Qur’an and drifted behind his sad self who did not accept the departure of his beloved wife, and despite the fact that he married another girl to take care of his little girl. However, he was unable to accept the new situation completely.

His wife accepted her life with her husband and took care of his child with love and affection. She also made his sorrows easy for him and always invited him to pray, especially in the mosque, as he had done before. Her husband always poured harsh words on her.

The appearance of Satan:

Two years after his new marriage, and despite the passing of days, he used to go to his wife’s grave every night and complain to her about his condition and the condition of their child. One night, his new wife saw him asking her to leave the bedroom because he did not want any disturbance, and as soon as she left, She left the room to find a message from her husband apologizing for being unusually late. She was astonished and entered the room to ask him, but she found the room empty!

I went out to the child and sat next to her until her husband returned, and she told him what had happened to her with trembling excitement, but he explained to her that it was just preparation and imagination.

This happened to her more than once. She would see her husband and go to him, only to find that he was a black entity with frightening features. She would run away and tell her husband, but he would explain it to her as just illusions. The wife suffered so much from this situation that she forced herself to get used to it in order to be able to live, but the matter became worse as the demonic entity took hold of her.

One day, the husband was out in the cemetery, as was his usual habit, and his daughter felt a strange sound, so she went out to see her stepmother, as if something was throwing her against the walls of the house while she was unconscious. She called her father, but to no avail. When he came, he carried her in his hands and rushed her to the hospital. His daughter told him that the devil He almost killed her new mother!

Suffering and pain:

The ruqyah journey began. The imam of the mosque where the husband had stopped praying was following up on his condition and sending messages to him, but he was despairing of the mercy of his Creator after losing his beloved wife in the most horrific ways possible. He returned to the mosque in his difficult ordeal and recounted to the imam what was happening with his new wife, so the imam said: “There There are two types of people who can see the jinn and the devils: either a deceitful, lying person, or a person who has allied with the devil!”

The Imam’s words had a strange impact on the husband. He asked the Imam to perform the ruqyah on his wife, who was about to lose her mind. Indeed, during the ruqyah, Satan spoke, saying: “She is the one who broke the agreement with us!”

The Imam was certain that there was something hidden, so he asked the wife to tell them frankly about everything that had happened to her. Among her words was that she had an alliance with Satan, but she denied that she remembered anything about the alliance and that it had been a long time ago.

The Imam asked the husband to take his wife to the place where the alliance took place and end everything so that they could live a normal life like other people. She took him to a witch’s house, and there was the greatest tragedy.

Death Alliance:

The house was ruined and empty, devoid of everything except horror. As they began to enter the house, Satan appeared, a frightening black entity from which only eyes the color of blood could be seen. The wife lifted up and hit the wall without him approaching her. She fell to the ground, blood flowing from her mouth and nose. Her husband approached her to help her. She told him in a halting voice, as if she was breathing her last breath: “I am the only reason behind killing your wife. I want you to forgive me, for I did what I did only out of the intensity of my love for you.”

The husband was shocked, but he continued listening to her. She added: “When I married her, I felt desperate, so I went to a witch here, and she had a picture of you and asked to marry you. She told me that it would only be done in one way, which is that we kill your wife and perform magic in an alliance with the devil, in exchange for my marrying you and keeping you away from Praying for your daughter, but I couldn’t do it.”

She gasped for breath and tears of remorse flowed from her heart before her eyes, and when he said that he had pardoned her, Satan appeared to him, knocking him right and left and asking him to leave his heart to the great masses, despairing of those whom he had worshiped all his life and had done nothing to him (God forbid), and for the first time the husband realized the extent of the crime. Which he committed against himself, so he began reciting the Qur’an out loud until the entity disappeared, and since then he did not abandon a single obligation and regained his life with the contentment that was placed in his heart.

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