A bedtime story for children is a traditional form of storytelling, as it happens that a bedtime story is read to a child while he is in his bed getting ready for sleep.

As for a bedtime story for children, it has long been considered a means of establishing the young child’s awareness and expanding his awareness in many families, and there is no doubt that it brings many benefits to the child and the parents as well.

We all know very well that children love to hear stories, especially before going to sleep, and some of them love to read them themselves. In both cases, it is worth the effort, as it is wonderful and full of benefit. With every new story the child learns, he learns something new and a sublime value, and certainly these values ​​shape his personality, awareness, and understanding. Thus, it will benefit him in his future life, and all his memories of his childhood will be based on these fun and interesting stories.

The first story:

A bedtime story for children that carries within it many sublime meanings…

In one of the villages, there was a poor little donkey. Despite his small size, his owner did not have mercy on him. His owner used to make him pull a four-wheeled cart, and he was not allowed to rest except a little after a long day of hard work, and he did not put him Food that makes him able to work except a little.

Every day the donkey did all the work, no matter how difficult it was. In addition, his owner would rent him to anyone who wanted him in exchange for money. The donkey suffered a lot, but he had an amazing ability to endure.

One day, the owner of the donkey decided to sell him. The donkey was very happy that he would finally be freed from all the suffering that he constantly faces every day. A tall man wearing a black hat and a cloak that was so long that he could not see his feet because of it bought him the porter and the cart. Also four wheels. The donkey thought that his suffering had finally ended, but he soon discovered that his new owner was arrogant and cruel-hearted. He rarely remembered his donkey’s food and rest, and thus the donkey’s suffering increased again.

One day, the man fell off the cart and was no longer able to move from where he fell. He looked at the donkey and asked him for help. The donkey did nothing but remind him of all the harmful actions he had done to him, and how he used to leave him for long periods of time without food or water. Not even a small amount of rest, despite being burdened with extremely hard work. The man returned to himself. He was greatly affected and realized that he was an unjust and merciless person. After his complete recovery, the donkey helped him get up from his place, changing his treatment of everyone around him, and the donkey became his friend who would never oppress him. Launch.

The second story:

A bedtime story for children that contains some valuable lessons about fulfilling friendship and the consequences of betraying a dear friend…

In one of the forests, there was an eagle who was a friend of a fox, and their friendship increased rapidly day after day to the point that they insisted on staying next to each other and deliberately separated, so they decided to make their home near each other, so the eagle built a nest for him on top of a tree in the forest, and the fox took his residence beneath them.

Many years passed and the eagle and the fox were happy with their friendship, and the eagle had little eagles and the fox had little cubs. One day, the fox decided to go out hunting to feed his young cubs. Before he left, he reassured them all about the presence of the eagle at the top of the tree. So the fox went out but was late in returning.

At the same time, the eagle’s cubs became hungry, and with all malice and cunning, he looked down and found one of the fox’s cubs. He was aware that his father, the fox, was late, so he pounced on him and took him as prey for his cubs. Immediately, the fox came to see his cub between the claws of his friend the eagle, and his heart broke in two. He asked the fox with tears streaming from his eyes. : “What did you do?!”

The eagle had no words to respond to his supposedly close lifelong friend, so the fox said: “You have betrayed the trust of a dear friend close to you.”

The fox carried himself and his young cubs and left the eagle with a broken heart for his child, whom the traitorous eagle had made food for his young. He found no solution but to leave, since after everything the eagle had done, he did not like to see harm or damage done to his lifelong friend. He could not forget the memories that he had done. I brought them together, so leaving was the safest solution for him.

One day, the young eagle felt very hungry, so the eagle went out to search for food for them. Indeed, he went to one of the villages and was able to pounce on a small goat. He carried it between his claws and brought it back to his young with joy, but he was shocked by the shock of his life when he reached the nest.

He saw a lightning bolt descend from the sky, and fire caught fire in the nest where the young were weak and hungry. The eagle was unable to save his young, who were all burned by the fierce fire. The eagle felt that God Almighty had punished him because of what he had done to his friend the fox, and that he had broken his trust and betrayed him. God Almighty made him taste the same. The cup that he made his friend drink, but in double quantities.

The eagle began searching for his friend, the fox, to offer him an apology and obtain forgiveness from him, but to no avail. When the news reached the fox, he was deeply saddened by his friend the eagle, and he did not want his friend to feel the same pain as him, but this was the justice of God Almighty. God gave the traitorous eagle a punishment that he deserved and deserved.

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