Who among us did not enjoy listening to an entertaining story as a child?!

I remember that when we were young and used to read stories, we would live in an exciting adventure with the hero of the story, and we would feel suspense and excitement thanks to the carefully prepared plot of the story. There is nothing greater than a story that contains the morals and values ​​within its folds. We all made these beautiful, humiliating memories.

Short international stories contain many memories that you can make with your children, as they aim to recreate all these feelings with the child by reading useful, expressive stories with purposeful values.

The story:

It is considered one of the most beautiful, beautiful and wisest stories and tales for children ever…

Who among us has not dreamed of turning dirt into gold?! Most of us, if not all of us, dream and aspire to that. If you have ever dreamed of that, you are not the only one. Many years ago in human history, there were many scientists who spent a lot of time arriving at equations and experiments that would enable them to Turning dirt into gold.

Despite all the past years, no one has been able to achieve the goal, and the question remains: Can dirt turn into gold?!

We reported in the news that there was a husband who lived in a simple village with his wife, and they both loved each other intensely, and only one thing disturbed their blissful life, which was her husband’s passion for conducting many experiments to turn dirt into gold.

The wife was worrying so much about this matter that she was unable to sleep every night. Her husband was spending a lot of time trying, which always failed. He was not working at all in order to provide the necessary household expenses.

One day, the wife felt the need to address her husband, so she said to him calmly and tactfully: “My beloved husband, you spend all your time trying to turn dust into gold. I am afraid that all our savings are about to run out.”

The husband replied to her in a voice filled with passion: “I do everything I do for you, my love. One day you will see the fruits of what I do.”

The wife realized then that she was in dire need of help, and the next morning she went to her father’s house and told him the whole news. She was complaining with tears in her eyes, as the situation her husband had found in her was difficult for her, and she loved him so much.

She asked her father to intervene in the matter and make her husband feel nothing. Her father promised her this and asked her to take everything she wanted from his house and to return to her husband and not leave him in his distress and distress.

Early in the morning the next day, the wife’s father went to her house, to see her husband and talk to him, and the first thing he sat next to him, he said to him with great passion: “I heard that you are trying to turn dirt into gold.”

The husband said: “I will definitely do it, but I think I still need more time.”

His father-in-law said to him: “I know that it is possible to turn dirt into gold. There is something you do not know about me. I was a chemist when I was your age, and I had a strong desire, like you, to turn dirt into gold and achieve extreme wealth, but I discovered the secret after many years.” .

His son-in-law said happily: “Did you really get the secret?!”

His father-in-law replied to him: “Yes, I reached the secret, but it was too late. When I started researching, I was young, like you, but when I discovered the secret, I was already old enough, and it was very difficult for me to do it; At that time, I did not know a young man whom I could trust.”

The father was very smart. While he was speaking, his eyes were fixed on his son-in-law’s eyes. His son-in-law jumped with happiness and said: “You can trust me.”

The father smiled with satisfaction and shook hands with his son-in-law, and said to him: “Have you ever heard of the silver powder that grows on the back of banana leaves?!”

The husband nodded his head in agreement, and his father-in-law continued, saying: “Then you must plant the banana seeds in arable soil, while saying the magic words that I will teach you, which I only learned after many years of serious research, and as soon as the trees become ready and their fruits are ripe, the trees must be removed.” Powder silver from the back of the leaves and keep it well.”

The husband asked: “How much of this powder do we need?”

His father-in-law replied: “As much as two pounds of silver.”

The young man realized that the task was neither easy nor easy, and he began renting vast agricultural lands, and made hundreds and hundreds of banana seeds in them. He was financially strapped, but his father-in-law loaned him the money necessary to cultivate the lands and everything they would need until they reached production.

Indeed, the husband put his full effort into the land, and he took good care of it, taking care of when to water it, removing harmful weeds, and organic fertilization, and he did all the necessary work to ensure that the production of silver powder was satisfied for him.

And when the plants were planted on their sticks, while he was working on collecting the silver powder, his wife was collecting bananas and giving them to her father, who was selling them in the markets at the highest prices. A long period of time passed in this situation, and as soon as the husband was able to possess some silver powder… Weighing as much as two pounds of silver, he ran to his father-in-law, who in turn asked him to do the last thing and bring a bucket full of dirt from the same land, so the husband did.

He had asked his daughter to bring him the money she earned from bananas, and she actually came with a bag full of gold pounds. So the wise old man put dirt on a pile and gold pounds on a pile and said to his son-in-law: “With your hard and diligent work, you were able to turn dirt into gold.”

The husband finally understood what his father-in-law meant, and from then on he worked hard to achieve extreme wealth, and he did after a few years.

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