Masha and the Bear is an animated series of Russian origin. It began airing in January 2009, and was widely popular all over the world without exception, as it was watched and followed by 320 million viewers and followers around the world.

Masha’s terrifying stories revolve around a little girl called “Masha” who lives in her own small house in the forest, but she is always present in the bear’s house. Various different adventures and events take place between them throughout the day.

Masha is a little girl in a big forest who took a kind-hearted bear as her friend. They share many adventures together, and despite Masha’s naughtiness, she gives lessons that benefit the children in her own way, with a sense of humor that is acceptable to our children.

The story of Masha and the Bear is written (anniversary of Masha’s birth):

One morning, while Masha was playing with her sled, she arrived at the bear’s house. As usual, she entered his house without asking permission, only to be surprised that today was the anniversary of the bear’s birth. She found the rabbit on her way to the bear’s house, carrying a gift. She collided with him, and the jar of honey that he had brought as a gift for the bear broke.

Masha realized that today was the anniversary of the bear’s birth and she had not brought him a gift, so she corrected herself and on her sled made a statue of snow in the shape of a bear, and brought it into the house where the heater was working. The bear was quick to accept her gift and put it outside his house as it had begun to melt and the place would soon be filled with water.

He made her sit on a chair near him, and brought a birthday cake. By the time they were all celebrating and blowing out the candles, Masha had eaten the entire cake and left nothing for the bear or the rest of their friends. Everyone was angry with her behavior, so the bear quickly brought them some sausages for them to eat and continue their day with enjoyment.

As for “Masha,” she quickly told everyone that she would also celebrate her birthday, and she left them all and left. Every day, she reminded all her friends in the forest of the date of her birth anniversary, and she wrote a very long list of the gifts she wanted, and every day she reminded them, as she appeared to each of them in a special way. He couldn’t think about her, everyone was fed up with her behavior.

And the day of the anniversary came, so Masha wore a very beautiful pink dress, and she decorated herself and went out in all her decorations, with a pink balloon in her hand. She waited for her friends, but none of them came!

So Masha thought they were at the bear’s house, so she went to him, but she did not find anyone, so she had to search for them throughout the forest, but to no avail. She was struck by wind because of the balloon she was holding, and her dress became dirty and she lost the balloon. She was very sad and upset.

She returned to her home, dragging the tails of disappointment and sadness, singing to herself Happy New Year, Masha.. Happy New Year, Masha.. And suddenly she found a lot of balloons coming out of the windows of her house and from the fireplace. Suddenly the bear and her friends came out in the forest carrying gifts for her. They had done a surprise for her, so Masha learned A valuable lesson in the true meaning of friendship and true friends.

As soon as she blew out the candles, the bear thought that she had eaten the whole cake, as she had done on his birthday, but she smiled and looked at their friends to find that she had distributed the cake to all of them.

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The second story:

Masha wanted to play as a babysitter, so she carried the pig in front of her house and put him inside the stroller. When she wanted to feed him milk, she found her house empty of milk, so she immediately went to the bear to feed the baby, from her point of view.

As for the bear, it was cleaning day for him. He had cleaned the entire house and washed the clothes, and as soon as Masha came to him, she immediately went to the refrigerator to pick up the bottle of milk, which was larger than it was, so she fell on it and the milk spilled on her clothes and on the floor.

So the bear carried her and put her in the bathroom to wash, while he used the sewing machine and cut a new dress for her from the pieces of cloth that he had washed, and as soon as she finished bathing, he made her wear the new dress.

She did not care about the bear’s condition and went to the refrigerator again to find that the bear had closed it. So she went to the kitchen and brought a jar of jam, which fell into the heater and filled her clothes with ash. Once again, the bear ordered her to take a shower while he made her a new dress and cleaned the place of the mess she had made.

Masha felt upset about what the bear was doing to her, and immediately went again to prepare food for the baby, as she was playing the babysitter game, but she could not enter the house, as the bear had closed it, so that she could rest from her actions, even for a little while, so she went to the bear’s garden, where there were delicious berries, and she collected a lot of them and instead After feeding the baby, she ate it, and her clothes got dirty, and again the bear forced her to bathe while he sewed a new dress for her.

As soon as he finished, he carried her on the cart with her pig and took her back to her home. During the way, she saw fish in the small lake, so she dived in and caught a fish to get her clothes dirty again. So he took her back to his house and forced her to take a shower so that he could use up the last piece of cloth he had washed while sewing a new dress for her. While he was fixing the cart for her, she played. In the oil used to repair the cart, so that her clothes get dirty again.

So he made her bathe and did not find anything for her to wear except a baby dress, so she put it on and made the pig a baby out of her and took the job of babysitter in her place. Masha was very sad, and she thought that the bear would not be able to take care of himself. What a poor Masha.

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