Many people consider laughter to be the key to a happy life. Laughter is a natural reaction when seeing or hearing something funny. Laughter, by its nature, is contagious. If you see someone laughing, you find yourself laughing like him, spontaneously and spontaneously.

Laughter automatically brings happiness and joy to the heart, and is enough to change the mood by one hundred and eighty degrees in no time.

Among the funny and useful stories at the same time are the stories of Juha. Despite the humor they contain, they convey a lesson in a funny way.

The first story:

One night, while Juha was having fun with his friends, the conversation took them to the point that they bet with Juha that he could not spend a cold night like this one in the forest until the morning without clothes to warm his body, without lighting fires, and without shelter. They would hold a celebration and a big feast for him, and if he was unable to do that, he would stay. They have a celebration and a big feast with delicious things.

Indeed, Juha was determined to win the bet and the challenge, so he stayed a very cold night in the forest until the morning came. He almost died from the severity of the impact on him. He went to his friends to fulfill their promise to him, and one of them asked him: “Oh Juha, the weather was colder than the night we bet on. Tell us.” How did you spend your night without anything happening to you?!”

Juha said with pure intention: “There was a hut in the middle of the forest, and its people were lighting a fire inside it, so I stayed near it to give my body a little warmth.”

One of them shouted, saying: “Then what made you bear the cold last night was the fire burning inside the hut!”

Juha tried hard to convince his friends that he did not get warm, but he made his body, which was shivering from the cold, believe him, but to no avail. Juha decided to fulfill his promise to them, but he had to teach them a lesson as harsh as the harshness of that night he spent naked in the open.

Juha invited all of his friends, without exception, to a feast of delicious food. While they were talking, time passed quickly and Juha did not bring any food. They asked him: “Are you mocking us, Juha?!” where is the food?!”

So Juha took them to the courtyard of his house, and said: “The pot of food is on the fire, but the water has not boiled yet.” The pot was hanging from a high tree, and below it Juha had placed a candle burning with a weak fire. His friends were amazed at this and said: “It is impossible for the pot to boil like this.”

Then Juha answered them, saying: “How can it not boil in this manner? It will boil just as you warmed yourself on that bitterly cold night by the burning fire in the forest hut!”

The second story:

One day, Juha appeared in the market wearing his new, very luxurious dress that immediately caught the attention of everyone around him. People dropped what they were holding and gathered around Juha to examine his dress and make sure of its beauty. They bombarded him with a barrage of questions that kept repeating themselves and never ending, no matter how he answered them!

Sometimes, where did you buy the fabric, Juha? Sometimes, the address of the tailor who cut and sewed it? And sometimes, the price of one meter of fabric, and where do we get something like it?!

Juha felt upset about what was happening. The crowd was so large and the questions were so frequent that whenever he answered, no one heard him! So he ran away from them and fled to his house. As soon as he arrived, he told his wife to go and tell the people that her husband Juha had become exhausted, and to ask them to come and see what was wrong with him!

Indeed, people gathered in front of his house to check on him and his health, so he rushed to the roof of his house and said in the loudest voice he could: “People, first of all, I am fine and I apologize for you coming to my house in this way and manner, but I wanted to tell you that I had to run away and escape from you in the market due to your many questions and the large crowd you had.” It confused me, but now let everyone know, and those present and those of you who are absent, know that I bought the fabric from such-and-such a store, and paid such-and-such a price per meter, and I detailed it for such-and-such and its address is such-and-such, and he charged me such-and-such a fee. Indeed, I have conveyed, O God, I bear witness, and beware of bothering me with any other question regarding this. The damned dress!”

The third story:

Juha was suffering from the slowness of his donkey and the extent of his extreme laziness that had befallen him. He thought of a trick to make his donkey run better, and suddenly his eyes fell on a seller of hot and burning peppers. He approached the seller and bought one pepper and selected it very carefully so that it would be hot enough.

He moved a little away from the people and placed it under the tail of his donkey, which immediately went crazy from its intensity and started running. The donkey ran in such a crazy way that Juha was unable to catch up with his donkey, which made him return to the seller again to pick out another hot pepper.

The seller asked him: “Was that seed not hot enough, Juha?!”

Juha replied, saying: “It was more than that. I put it under my donkey’s tail to stop him from being lazy, but he ran in a way that made me lose him, so I returned to you to get another pill for me so that I could catch up with my donkey and not lose him!”

The fourth story:

One day, Juha brought his donkey to the market, and one of the brokers approached him and offered the donkey for sale immediately.

Two men approached the donkey, the first lifted its tail and the second put his hand inside the donkey’s mouth to see its teeth and know its real age before buying it.

The donkey kicked the first man and bit the second man. The broker was upset and said to Joha: “No one will buy your donkey, Joha.”

So Joha said: “Who told you that I want to sell him?! All I wanted was for people to see what I am suffering from because of my stubborn donkey!”

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