Success is a path full of obstacles and impediments. Success can only be achieved and reached through a strong will, the ability to quickly recover, the spirit of resistance, and the courage to face challenges and difficulties, no matter how great they are.

We cannot achieve success and excellence unless we truly love what we do. Honestly, once a person reaches the goal he sought to achieve, he forgets all the hardships of reaching it and all the sacrifices he made for what he sought. Success has a special, unique and unparalleled taste.

The story:

One of the most beautiful success stories ever, with its challenges, difficulties, strong will and determination to achieve the impossible…

At first, she was a girl who did not care about anything in life at all. She was in high school, but she did not give the subject importance because she had not yet set a goal for her life path. She did not understand the meaning of the word ambition at all, and despite the indifference that possessed and controlled her, she was highly intelligent.

The strangest thing that might indicate her personality is that in her village there was a retired professor. Every morning he would write a piece of wisdom on a blackboard that he put on the wall in front of his house. The girl loved to erase it every day while she was going to school. She preferred to write colloquial words that were devoid of value and benefit, that is, just nonsense, which bothered him a lot to the point that he ordered a camera to be installed in front of his house to find out who did it!

A situation that changes the balance of life:

She had an older brother, and at the end of her high school year, her brother failed on the day of the results, which saddened the entire house. She didn’t care at all, and she was gloating over her brother and didn’t take it into consideration because she was in the same position as him.

While they were sitting, she saw on the TV screen the first in the batch, and she fell in love with him from the first time she laid eyes on him. She took it upon herself to join the same university as the first in the republic, who had joined it as an educational scholarship for his hard work, and that whoever joins the university must be among the first.

He was the same age as her brother and in the same class. The first problem she faced was that she did not know what was in the textbooks at all. She did not despair and went to the professor in her village to help her with her matter, but he refused as punishment for what she had done to him. She returned home dragging her feet in disappointment and frustration.

She was able to access the young man’s social media sites, and she started looking at his pictures, so she decided to go to the professor again and apologize to him. He accepted her and began teaching and supporting her. On the first day, he gave her a piece of paper on which he wrote the English alphabet.

She was surprised by his condition and his way with her to the point that she thought he was mocking her and perhaps he wanted her to get a bad impression of him and leave him alone. He is not an ordinary scholar, but he is a leader in his field. She noticed many medals and academic certificates hanging on a wall in his house.

She did not despair and went to him the next day. His questions were strange to her. He asked her the number of each letter of the alphabet and she could only answer a few. The girl, with her intelligence, was certain that she had misjudged him and returned home and memorized with great diligence and effort. She returned to him the next day and he gave her another amount, and she entrusted him to study it well, and so on every day.

The hardest test:

She had only one year left to take the university entrance exam, and indeed the professor had taught her the best way to study, so she made a tremendous effort in studying. On the day of the entrance exam, her father traveled with her from the village to the city, and she passed the entrance exam. Because of the exhaustion she was feeling, she fell asleep on her father’s shoulder on the train, but he woke her up when the professor called him to ask her what she had done.

The girl accepted, prepared herself and went to university. She almost did not feel her heart when she saw the young man who was the reason for the radical change in her entire lifestyle. She was in the university dorm room, and a girl lived with her. She made her a friend and told her her secret, that she had joined university and was able to be among the top students because of the young man who had won first place.

The girl left her studies and her first and last concern was to follow the young man wherever he went. Three months passed and the results of the first semester at the university came. The university professor asked them to welcome an outstanding student who had failed all the subjects. Her roommate had given her the nickname of the university Cinderella.

The girl had failed all her subjects because of her neglect of her studies. She had become indifferent again, and because of the embarrassment she felt among her classmates, she was sitting by chance when she heard the young man say, “Thank God I am not that fool.” He meant the young man whom Cinderella loved and left everything for. She packed her bags and returned to her small village, leaving everything behind her.

Decision and destiny of life:

She had to tell them that she was on vacation, but her psychological state was very bad. Her mother and older brother tried to find out what happened to her, but her father said that she was the source of his pride and dignity and that she was able to face whatever she faced, and if she wanted to talk, she would find us listening and fulfilling to everything she wanted.

The girl was doing nothing but crying over the crime she committed against her family. The professor came to her house and asked her to go out jogging with him. She was skilled at pretending to be fine, but everyone around her felt that something was wrong with her.

When she arrived home with him, she found that he had removed all his achievements and replaced them with her picture. The girl collapsed and immediately returned home, packed her bags and went back to university.

But this time her goal was only studying. She was not good at anything except studying and taking care of what would enable her to make up for what she missed in the first semester.

Indeed, she was able to be among the top students after the end-of-year exams. She was able to solve the most difficult problems.

One day, the young man came to her to ask her if he was the young man who had inspired her and led her to success. She told him that he was that young man, and indeed she was able to have him as her husband.

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