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iOS 15: How to create a custom ringtone for your iPhone


You may be tired of hearing the same ringtone all around you with all the other people who also use the iPhone. To distinguish yourself from others, it may then be necessary to have a custom ringtone that allows you to clearly distinguish yourself from others.

Of course, Apple has a huge selection of default ringtones included with the iPhone. It is also possible to go to iTunes to choose a part of your favorite song as the main ringtone. But if you really want to stand out from the crowd, it is also possible to create a completely unique ringtone that no other iPhone user will be able to have in their life. For this, you can create your own ringtone easily and with just a few clicks. Here you have two very simple options. We’ll show you how to do that.

To customize your iPhone ringtone, you have two options. For the first option, you can perform the process from your Mac and use a Lightning to USB cable to connect your iPhone to it. You will need GarageBand to export a file in AAC format before renaming it to m4r. You can also enjoy the various tools of the application to create a track to your liking, but be careful and choose a relatively short piece, max 30 seconds. In detail, here are the sequential operations that you should perform:

Right-click on the ringtone file and rename it, specifically from “.m4a” to “.m4r” (this will allow the iPhone to recognize it as a ringtone file).
Take a Lightning to USB cable and connect your iPhone to your Mac.
Select your iPhone in Finder.
Then drag the ringtone file into the Finder window.
Once the file has been transferred, you can access the new ringtone on your iPhone
Then open the Settings tab and select Sound and haptics
Click on the ringtone and you can finally select your custom ringtone


For this second method, you can use GarageBand directly on your iPhone thus creating a new ringtone just using your Apple smartphone. Once you’ve finished creating in GarageBand, you can go to the project navigator.

Here you just need to keep the file to find the share menu and simply follow the rest of the process to create a brand new ringtone. Then you will be well equipped with your new ringtone and no one will have the same ringtone as you.

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