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Learn new languages while surfing the Internet with the Toucan extension


At this time, it is even more important to learn new languages. The ability to communicate in multiple languages ​​is an increasingly valuable skill. One of the reasons people learn new languages ​​is that it can help them get a job. Many jobs now require employees to be bilingual, and some require knowledge of multiple languages. Learning a new language can also help with traveling to new places, and being able to communicate with people from other cultures. With the availability of many resources and resources for learning languages, whether using online training courses or engaging in specialized institutions and centers, anyone can start and learn languages ​​in an easy and interactive way. In this new post, we are going to learn a new way to learn languages ​​just while browsing the Internet.

Toucan is a browser extension that allows you to learn new languages ​​as you surf the Internet, by capturing words and translating them in real time.

Toucan also offers tests to see how well you have progressed in your knowledge of the chosen language. This can be a fun and informative way to see how much you have learned.

Toucan supports a range of languages to learn, including English and German, in addition to being available for a group of browsers, namely Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, and also the Toucan version in the form of an iOS application.


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